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Shopping Cart Casters and Wheels

The official guide on Shopping Cart Wheels and Casters


Shopping Carts are seen in almost every retail store in the United States. Whether you are at a Grocery Store, Clothing Outlet, or a Shopping Center, chances are, you use a shopping cart more often than you realize. Shopping Carts are used and abused daily. Shopping Cart Wheels are exposed to extremely harsh environments from rolling over gravel, hitting curbs, extreme hot and cold elements from being left outside, and even corrosive weather and rain. Due to the repetitive, abusive environments, these wheels and casters can take a beating and tend to wear much faster than most other casters and wheels. Being a large Caster and Wheel manufacturer and wholesale distributor, we've seen many grocery cart repair companies attempt to purchase the cheapest grocery cartwheels to make a quick profit. This is a reason why many grocery cartwheels fail after a short period of time. Quality is the utmost important factor and should always come first over shopping cart casters and wheels.

We have seen the frustration when rolling a cart, and the wheel locks up or refuses to roll. This is why Caster Headquarters only sells the highest quality Shopping Cart Casters and Wheels. Our goal is to eliminate the lower-quality grocery cartwheels that have taken over the industry. The leading manufacturer in Shopping Cart casters and Wheels is P&H Casters. We have teamed up with PH Casters to provide the highest quality shopping cart casters in the industry. What separates a P&H Caster shopping cartwheel from the generic brands in the industry is 5 decades or half a century of quality control and testing to make the perfect wheel to endure the harshest environments. These wheels were made to last and perform from the special polyurethane material on the tread combined with dual quad x precision bearings. This wheel is made to outperform any other shopping cart wheel in the industry.

When new shopping carts roll out of the production line, a PH Caster and Wheel is typically used until the end of its life expectancy; then, many cart repair companies replace it with an inferior wheel to make the most profit. That is the reason there are so many carts in the industry with bad reputations. CasterHQ and PH Caster's goal is to standardize all Shopping Carts in the USA with the highest quality shopping cart-wheel in the world. The benefits of using our products are superior performance and increased longevity. In return, this encourages shoppers to come back and use your store more frequently because of the ease of mobility and quality offered for every shopper. The smallest details make the biggest differences, especially regarding ergonomics in simple tasks such as pushing a cart. If you have ever been to Target, you should automatically recognize how easy it is to push their carts. You will never run into a problem with the wheels or the performance when rolling their grocery carts. This is due to the P&H Caster wheels that we supply to the Target stores. As you can see, Target has realized early on that quality keeps the customers coming back. Whether providing a clean environment or a grocery cart that is easy to roll, they know quality matters.

Some stores where our casters and wheels can be seen include Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Kroger, HEB, Kohls, Ross, Macy's, JC Penny, Sams Club, Costco, Ace Hardware, etc. many more big-name retailers. Remember, our casters and wheels are on the new carts. Still, as cart repair companies replace worn-out wheels, they use lower-quality casters and wheels to reduce performance and usability. If you are a shopping cart repair company or an employee replacing the casters and wheels, make sure to use the original, highest-quality shopping cart casters and wheels in the industry. Trust Caster Headquarters when it comes to grocery cartwheels and casters.

Shopping Cart Wheel Replacements are not standard Caster Wheels. When replacing shopping cartwheels you must buy the shopping cart wheel with the correct bore size, which is typically a 5/16" bore size as the axles on shopping cart wheels are usually a 5/16", which is not like the common 3/8" axle seen on most caster wheels in the industry. Shopping Cart Swivel Wheels and Casters are not the same as institutional casters and wheels. The front of the shopping cart casters have a special 1/2-13x7/8 threaded stem, and the rear wheels of a shopping cart are typically a drilled solid stem with two holes in the stem. The Rear Shopping Cart Stem measures 31-23/32 x 1-9/16 with 2 cross-drilled 1/4" holes at 3/8" and 1-1/4" up from the base to accept a bolt. The most common replacements on the shopping carts would be the front shopping cart swivel casters, and most people leave the rear casters on the shopping cart and will replace the wheels only. There are many off-brand and low-quality shopping cart casters and wheels on the market; make sure you do your research and buy direct shopping cart replacement wheels and casters from us to guarantee you have the best wheels and casters on your shopping cart. I am sure many of you have experienced very poor-quality shopping cartwheels and casters every time you visit your local grocery store. Many Cart Doctors hired to replace shopping cart wheels are looking to buy the cheapest available and are usually not worried about the quality. This is how many stores end up with underperforming casters and wheels. The features and benefits of a high-quality OEM Shopping Cartwheel like the ones we provide are drastic and will out-perform any other brand on the market. We provide upgraded sealed dual precision bearings in the wheels and thread guards to protect hairs, dust, debris, and hairs from accumulating and binding the wheel from spinning. We also provide a much higher quality polyurethane wheel material. Our Shopping Cart Caster Yokes have raceway seals to further protect debris from entering the swivel raceway that contains the ball bearings allowing the caster to turn easily. These are just a few examples of our upgrades compared to the generic and universal shopping cart wheels and casters on the market. Use the links below to order your OEM Direct shopping cart wheels and casters to guarantee the highest quality performance in the USA.

Shopping Cart Wheels and Casters by Caster Headquarters

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