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Series R Moldon Rubber-Tired Wheels

Capacity Range: 200 – 3,020 lbs

Durable and Long-Lasting Wheels for Industrial Use

Experience the durability of solid cushion rubber tires, permanently molded onto iron wheel centers, ideal for heavy-duty industrial equipment. With a tire thickness of about 1" and hardness of 70 Durometer (± 5, Shore A), these wheels offer rugged, long-lasting performance.

Technical Specifications and Features

Moldon Rubber-Tired Wheels come standard with anti-friction bearings - straight roller in all sizes, and a choice of straight or tapered rollers in most larger sizes. Equipped with pressure lubrication fittings in the hubs (except for specific sizes), these wheels are designed for a wide range of applications. Operating temperatures range from -70° to 160° F.

Specialized Design for Enhanced Performance

The 5" wide wheel options, including sizes 12" x 5", 14" x 5", 16" x 5", 18" x 5", and 20" x 5", feature husky spokes and large hubs for additional strength and durability. These features ensure optimal performance even under demanding industrial conditions.



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