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Series R Moldon Rubber-Tired Wheels

Capacity Range: 200 – 3,020 lbs.

Durable and Long-Lasting Industrial Wheels

Experience rugged durability with our Series R Moldon Rubber-Tired Wheels, perfect for a variety of industrial applications. These wheels feature solid cushion rubber tires, permanently molded onto iron wheel centers for superior longevity.

Advanced Design and Functionality

Our Moldon wheels come standard with anti-friction bearings, ensuring smooth operation. The robust construction includes husky spokes and large hubs, especially in the 5" wide sizes, suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

Technical Specifications for Optimal Performance

The wheels boast a tire thickness of about 1", a hardness of 70 Durometer, and an operational temperature range of -70° to 160° F. Pressure lubrication fittings are standard, providing easy maintenance and extended wheel life.

Suited for Various Industrial Uses

Whether it's for carts, trolleys, or heavy equipment, Series R Moldon Rubber-Tired Wheels are engineered to handle the demands of any industrial environment.



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W/ Moldon Rubber Wheels