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Dual Wheel | EHD2 Capacity up to 7000 lbs.

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Series EHD2 Extra Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Casters

Capacity Range: 3,100 – 7,000 lbs.

Dual wheel casters address the problem of how to minimize overall height and maximize load capacity on resilient tread wheels. Dual wheel casters also improve stability and swivel more easily than wider-face single wheels because differential action reduces the "scrubbing" effect of soft treads against the floors.

These forged steel dual wheel casters are built on the proven and reliable Extra Heavy Duty (EHD) swivel caster platforms. This means you have lots of flexibility if you need to match an existing bolthole pattern or overall height dimension. For dual wheel casters with even higher load capacities, see the MDD Series.

Quality Features & Specs

  • Swivel Construction : 1/2" thick drop forged steel mounting plate; 3/8"x 3" precision laser cut steel legs welded inside and outside to forged steel horn base.
  • Kingpin : 1" diameter integrally forged with mounting plate guaranteed for life and threaded for 1" diameter lock nut.
  • Main Load Bearing : HPI™ thrust bearing with outside diameter of 5 5/16"; raceways hardened to 58-62HRC and ground to surface finish 16 micro inches.
  • Secondary Load Bearing : 1" precision tapered thrust bearing counteracts radial thrust.
  • Product Finish : Powder Coated - Caster rigs are powder coated with Hamilton’s new Crimson Powder, a metallic HAA Polyester providing a premium look and excellent durability for both interior and exterior environments.
  • Axle : 3/4" diameter hex head with lock nut.
  • Lubrication Fittings : Ball-check type in swivel assembly and in wheel hubs with tapered or straight roller bearings.



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