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Casters and Wheels for Rubbermaid Carts

Need to replace your casters or wheels on your Rubbermaid cart, mop bucket, or trash bin? Look no further! CasterHQ has a full line of standard and upgraded replacement Rubbermaid wheels and casters that will fit on your Rubbermaid Products.
CasterHQ offers a direct replacement for all Rubbermaid Cart Casters 4400, 4500 Series Carts.
Rubbermaid Wheels are a high-quality non-marking (TPR) Thermo Plastic Rubber material. Includes 2 Swivel casters and 2 Stationary Casters. Replaces casters on all 4400 Series and 4500 Series Rubbermaid Carts. Replacement Rubbermaid cart wheels and casters for the following cart series: 4300, 4401, 4500-27, 4500-88, 4500-89, 4505-00, 4505-89, 4520-88, 4520-89, 4525, 4525-89, 6180 & 6180-88.

CasterHQ's Casters and Wheels are of an excellent quality that will provide a long-lasting durability in the smooth swivel raceway, axle, and bearing design. Our replacement Rubbermaid wheels have excellent wear resist-ability due to the high-quality Thermo Engineered Plastic Rubber tread we use which offers resistance to chemicals, oils, grease, and some acids up to 10% acidity in most cases. Upgrade your Rubbermaid products with high-quality Rubbermaid Replacement Casters and Wheels from CasterHQ.

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