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RUBBER CAP FOR DOLLIES - (Fits Standard 18x3 Dollies)

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Rubber Caps for Dollies - (Fits Standard 18x3 Dollies)

Why Are Rubber End Caps Important? Well, the rubber dolly end cap fits the standard dimensions of moving dollies and offers a cushion buffer and non-slipping surface. This is a standard size that fits 18" x 3" end boards and is 1” deep. Some dollies come with carpet instead of rubber but for many applications the extra grip the rubber provides is a huge benefit knowing any item you are moving has a less likely chance of slipping off and falling. For movers, this is a huge benefit because it further reduces the liability of any potential problems when it comes to items slipping off the moving dollies.



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    Rubber Dolly End Caps
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    Fits 18" x 3" end board and is 1” deep.
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RUBBER CAP FOR DOLLIES - (Fits Standard 18x3 Dollies)