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Office Chair Casters And Wheels: The Complete Buying Guide

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Office Chair Casters And Wheels: The Complete Buyers Guide

If you found this Chair Caster and Wheel Buyers Guide in order to simply understand how to remove and install chair casters then you can simply watch this great tutorial below that shows step by step on how to Remove your Office Chair Casters and Wheels as well as how to install them to make it much easier if this is your first time replacing chair casters and wheels.

How to Replace Office Chair Casters - Full Removal and Installation Tutorial:

Choosing the right Chair Caster and Wheel for your floor type

Selecting the perfect Chair Caster and Wheel for your floor type will help protect your floors from scratches, indentions, and wear and tear. Another added benefit of choosing the right Chair Wheel can also increase your chairs maximum weight capacity, ease of roll-ability, and lower noise decibels if you are constantly rolling back and forth. At Caster Headquarters, we always recommend laying down a protective plastic floor mat wherever your chair is going to be most used as an extra precautionary step of protection. Regardless, we have many Chair Caster and Wheel material options that will suit all floor types from Hardwood, Laminate, Concrete, Tile, Bamboo, Cork, and many rare and expensive floor types.

Casters and Wheels for Hardwood Floors

If you have a more expensive or softer hardwood floor that needs the ultimate protection from scratches, marks, streaks, and indentions, then we recommend a Gray Non-Marking Thermoplastic Engineered Rubber Wheel. This wheel type has a softer tread durometer (75 Shore A) that is made to protect expensive floors. These wheels are softer so they are only going to hold around 80 lbs per wheel, meaning that a typical office chair that takes 5 Casters will be able to withstand up to 400 lbs capacity per chair while offering the softest floor protection on the market. The photo below shows the best floor protective Chair Caster. For more options you can visit our Hardwood Floor Chair Caster Section.

Hardwood Floor Chair Caster Section

Casters and Wheels for Carpet and Rugs

If you have no choice but to roll your chair onto carpet or a rug you may notice how much more difficult it is to maneuver. Choosing a Harder Durometer Wheel such as a Plastic Chair Caster and Wheel or a Harder Polyurethane Chair Wheel is going to allow you much easier maneuverability on Carpet or Rugs than a standard Chair Caster Wheel can provide. Another upgrade that helps moving across carpet tremendously would be upgrading the diameter of your chair caster wheels to a larger size. Most standard Chair Casters and Wheels come with a 2" of 50mm Wheel diameter. The larger the diameter the wheel, the easier it is to roll. Below is my personal selection of Chair Casters for Carpet and Rugs that will help you glide across carpet with ease.

Find Chair Casters and Wheels by Size: