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CAST IRON MOLD-ON RUBBER - 4" thru 12" wheels - up to 1,300 lbs

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Mold-On Rubber Caster Wheels: Best Choice for Durability & Versatility

Mold-On Rubber Caster Wheels are ideal for trash containers and dumpster bins. They are renowned for their longevity and versatility, making them a staple in the caster wheel industry.

In-Depth Features & Benefits of Mold-On Rubber Wheels

Our Mold-On Rubber Wheels come with rubber tread vulcanized to a rugged industrial cast iron core. This offers a semi-cushioned ride that easily navigates over rough surfaces, small debris, cracks, and joints. Not only do these wheels provide excellent floor protection, but they also ensure a quiet rolling operation. Highly economical, these are your go-to wheels for value and performance.

Suitable for Outdoor Use with Caveats

These wheels are ideal for outdoor environments, although it’s worth noting that the cast iron core can rust. If rusting is a concern, consider our aluminum or plastic core alternatives.

Technical Specifications

  • Rubber tread vulcanized to heavy-duty cast iron core.
  • Durometer: 80 Shore A (+/-5).
  • Temperature range: -40° F to 180° F.

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Heavy Duty Rubber Casters: Premium Quality at Unbeatable Prices

Best Prices Online | Price Match Guarantee

Why Choose Our Heavy Duty Rubber Casters?

Our rubber tread is vulcanized to a robust cast iron core for maximum durability. These casters offer a semi-cushioned, shock-absorbing ride that excels on rough surfaces and small debris.

  • Shock-absorbing and semi-cushioned ride
  • Excellent for rough floors, cracks, and floor joints
  • Good floor protection with quiet operation
  • Economically priced cushion wheels
  • Suitable for outdoor use; consider aluminum or plastic cores to prevent rust
  • Black rubber tread can leave marks
  • Durometer: 80 Shore A (+/-5)

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