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POLYURETHANE ON POLYOLEFIN - 3" thru 8" wheels - up to 1,000 lbs

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Polyurethane Caster Wheels with Industrial Polyolefin Core by CasterHQ

Superior Durability and Broad Capacity Range

Crafted for unmatched resilience, our polyurethane caster wheels seamlessly blend with an industrial-grade polyolefin center core. Perfect for demanding applications, these wheels boast impressive capacities ranging from 260 lbs to a staggering 1,000 lbs.

Versatile Sizes for Varied Applications

Catering to diverse needs, our polyurethane caster wheels come in a variety of sizes, spanning from 3" to 8" in diameter. Whether for light tasks or industrial-grade operations, choose the ideal size for optimal performance.

Upgrade to CasterHQ's polyurethane wheels and experience unmatched durability and versatility. Whether for industry or personal use, trust in our wheels for peak performance. Shop today for the gold standard in caster wheels!

The Wheel that Never Disintegrates

Discover the Polyurethane Advantage with CasterHQ Wheels

Escape the frequent disintegration issues common with traditional polyurethane on plastic wheels. Our unique polyurethane formula guarantees up to 5 times longer wheel tread life than other mainstream options, setting a gold standard in durability and reducing noise while offering unmatched floor protection.

Non-Marking Polyurethane Excellence

At CasterHQ, we bring to you the highest quality Non-Marking Polyurethane tires mechanically bonded to a resilient polyolefin core. Perfect for environments like hospitals, schools, labs, and more, these wheels boast a hardness that ensures smooth roll-ability, surpassing gray rubber or standard rubber caster wheels in performance. Ideal for scenarios free from impacts, obstructions, and overloading.

Why Our Polyurethane on Polyolefin Caster Wheels?

Frequently spotted across diverse applications worldwide, these wheels are an industry staple due to their:

  • Non-marking polyurethane tread locked to a polyolefin core
  • Versatility in designs, colors, and bearing options
  • Durometer rating: Shore D 60 (+/-5)
  • Operational temperature range: -40°F to 180°F
  • Impressive resistance to chemicals, oils, water, and various solutions

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The Ultimate in Wheel Durability: CasterHQ's Polyurethane Series

Why settle for less when you can experience the revolutionary polyurethane advantage? Drift away from the all-too-common disintegration issues. Choose CasterHQ's Polyurethane Wheels for unmatched durability, reduced noise, and top-tier floor protection.

Elevate Your Mobility Experience

Not just wheels, but a promise of quality. Our wheels are:

  • Resilient against wear, boasting up to 5 times longer tread life compared to standard wheels.
  • Designed for a spectrum of applications—from hospitals to labs, ensuring a noise-free and smooth ride.
  • Non-marking with polyurethane tread, perfect for maintaining pristine floor conditions.
  • Resistant to chemicals, extreme temperatures, oils, and other potential harms.

Dive into a world of enhanced mobility. Choose CasterHQ's Polyurethane on Polyolefin Caster Wheels—an industry staple seen on premium carts worldwide. For any queries, our experts are just a call or email away. Prioritize durability, prioritize CasterHQ.