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35MM-50MM - Made in Germany - up to 150kgs

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Blickle Germany Low Profile Casters

35mm-50mm Low Profile Wheel Sizes - up to 150kgs

This section offers two of the highest quality Low Profile Casters. Made in Germany by Blickle the wheels are Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane tread, with a industrial steel wheel center core. The Caster Rigs that hold the wheel are made of pressed steel, with double ball bearings in the swivel head. Special ball protection by the special top plate and ball disc design which protects dust, debris, and chemicals from entering the raceway offering ultimate bearing protection for increases caster longevity. The special Blickle dynamic riveting process of the swivel head results in minimal swivel head play and smooth rolling characteristics with an increased service life achieved by the work special hardening of the ball race grooves which hold the bearings. With a hardened inner raceway, the bearings will roll much smoother eliminating friction offering a very smooth swiveling action. Bolted wheel axle. Zinc-plated, blue-passivated, Cr6-free. The Wheels are made of high-quality, reaction-injected polyurethane-elastomer Blickle Extrathane®, low-noise operation, low rolling resistance, good floor preservation, very high abrasion resistance, high cut and tear propagation resistance, very good chemical connection with the wheel center. Overall, this is the best low profile caster series we offer. For Cad Drawings, please contact us by calling 844-439-4335 or email us here and we will be happy to send them in any format you need.

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  • BLICKLE PART #: LPA-VSTH 35K (35MM Wheel Size - 100KG Load Capacity)
  • BLICKLE PART#: LKPA-VSTH 50K (50MM Wheel Size - 150KG Load Capacity)