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Spring Deflection to 100 lbs. | 3" thru 4" Wheels | Light Duty

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Light Duty Gate Casters: Fix Sagging Gates with Ease! (3"-4" Wheels, Max Capacity 140 lbs)

This product page covers all our Light Duty Gate Casters ranging in sizes from 3" thru 4" for residential fences and commercial gates. These Casters are extremely easy to mount to any wooden or steel gate. Installing these casters on a gate allows you to easily open and fix sagging gates while enabling a smooth rolling operation, longer-lasting, and reliable gate. The mounting holes on each gate caster bracket directly screw into your wooden fence but can be screwed into other materials and are very easy to modify for just about any type of fence or gate. We offer the widest variety and best quality of gate casters on the market, with many different sizes and wheel options to fit any gate, load rating, and terrain. These Gate Casters can be customized with just about any wheel material on the market, but we like to show the most commonly used wheels combined with our gate casters. If you need a particular wheel not advertised on our product page, we can easily custom-build any gate caster and wheel combination to suit your needs.



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