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Hollow Kingpin Casters/Stemless Casters | CasterHQ

Also Known as Stemless Casters

Our Hollow Kingpin Casters offer many advantages. Hollow kingpin or stemless casters are known for their streamlined design. Unlike traditional casters with a solid kingpin or stem, these casters eliminate the need for a protruding element, allowing for increased maneuverability. The absence of a kingpin or stem also reduces the risk of hitting obstacles while navigating tight corners or narrow spaces.

Despite their minimalistic design, hollow kingpin or stemless casters offer an impressive load capacity. They are engineered to support heavy loads, making them suitable for various applications, including industrial equipment, furniture, and manufacturing environments. These hollow kingpin casters provide the strength needed to handle demanding tasks without compromising on maneuverability.

Hollow kingpin casters require less maintenance compared to traditional casters. With fewer moving parts and no exposed kingpin or stem, there is less chance for dirt, debris, or grease buildup. This feature not only saves time and effort on maintenance but also ensures consistent performance and extends the lifespan of the casters.

Hollow Kingpin Casters are sometimes referred to as Stemless Casters. These Casters are a lifesaver to many customers when they have a unique or uncommon stem size and need to adapt and attach casters.

Stemless Casters are explicitly made to accommodate any stem, bolt, or mounting hardware 1/2" diameter and under where a standard caster can not connect. Some equipment may have permanent stems, but the customer may want to add casters; this is where hollow kingpin casters come in handy. Easily slide your stem directly through the center of our stemless caster, add a nut to the bottom of the stem to secure it, and you are now good to roll.

CasterHQ offers a variety of stemless casters with customizable features to meet specific requirements. From different wheel materials and sizes, to load capacities, and brake options, customers have the freedom to personalize their casters based on their unique needs.

Hollow kingpin or stemless casters provide a unique blend of maneuverability, load capacity, and reduced maintenance requirements. With their streamlined design, smooth operation, and versatility in applications, these casters are an excellent choice for optimizing efficiency in your workplace.

Whether you need to enhance mobility in industrial settings or improve maneuverability in commercial spaces, consider the advantages of hollow kingpin or stemless casters offered by reputable suppliers like CasterHQ. Invest in these innovative casters and experience improved productivity and ease of movement in your business operations. Shop with us today!

4 Easy-Step Attachment Instructions:

  1. Remove the Wheel From the Caster
  2. Slide your bolt through the hollow kingpin center hole
  3. Secure your bolt with a lock nut, preferably
  4. Re-attach the wheel to the caster



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