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Hamilton’s White Nylon Wheel Series: Durable & Hygienic

Hamilton’s White Nylon wheels, sculpted from premier Nylon , stand out for their robustness and longevity. Crafted for rigorous environments, they emerge as the prime selection for domains mandating both resilience and cleanliness.

Perfect Fit for Food & Pharma Sectors

These wheels are exquisitely designed for areas such as food processing plants, meat packing zones, poultry houses, and pharmaceutical laboratories. Their architecture and constitution shield them from water, guaranteeing extended durability and hygiene.

Superior Resistance & Simplified Upkeep

Hamilton's White Nylon wheels take pride in their remarkable resistance against diverse elements. Their resilience to organic solvents, the majority of chemicals, and stringent cleaning agents is notable. Furthermore, their amenability to steam cleaning simplifies maintenance.

Peerless Load Capacity & Endurance

Furnished with elevated capacity ratings and exceptional resistance to wear and tear, these wheels pledge unmatched service and longevity. They are built to prevail in challenging scenarios.



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