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Introducing Hamilton's Premium Nylast Wheel

Elevate your performance metrics with Hamilton's Nylast® wheel. Precision-engineered from cast high-performance nylon, Nylast sets a new industry standard by offering an unmatched blend of resilience and durability.

Exceptional Impact Strength and Resilience

Crafted from cast nylon, the superior impact resistance of Nylast® promises long-lasting functionality, even under the most challenging circumstances.

Boosted Load Capacity with MoS2

Hamilton continually sets new benchmarks with its commitment to innovation. Nylast features a unique formula enriched with molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), enhancing both its load-bearing capabilities and natural impact resistance.

A Legacy of Unmatched Quality

Trust in Hamilton's long-standing reputation for excellence. By choosing Nylast, you're not just selecting a wheel; you're making an investment in unparalleled performance and enduring quality.



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W/ Nylast Nylon Wheels