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GoJak Casters

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GoJak Replacement Casters

The GoJak self-loading car Dollie is a mechanical lift that takes the frustration out of jacking up each wheel with a floor jack to insert a dolly. GoJak's innovative, long-lasting designs provide you with an all-in-one solution to move, store, roll, or exhibit automobiles or disabled automobiles with little effort. CasterHQ incorporates a range of GoJak replacement Casters and Wheels, such as Casters for the GoJak 4500, GoJak 5000, GoJak 6200, and many other GoJak models! We offer wholesale pricing, around 2-3 times less expensive than other brands selling the GoJak Replacement Casters. Shop Direct and save big; shop CasterHQ! Don't waste money on poor-quality casters; buy high-quality, durable, and reliable casters from CasterHQ for all of your GoJak Dollie Caster requirements.



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