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Threaded Stem Mount

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Genesis Series Casters with Threaded Stems

Clean • Quiet • Effortless • Modern • Sleek

The future is here with our Genesis Series line of Casters with a Threaded Stem Mount! Our Genesis Series provides beautiful aesthetics with smooth curves and a polished protective body for effortless mobility, quiet rollability, and ultimate floor protection. With sealed precision ball bearings in the swivel raceway and wheel, you get effortless mobility and ergonomics. Our soft (65A) Durometer, Non-marking MonoTech wheels reject debris and are excellent on carpets and floors while protecting expensive electronics and equipment. A solid yet sleek body conceals the components for easy cleaning, and integrated thread guards protect the wheels from entangling debris. If Tesla designed Casters, I can only imagine this is what it would look like and perform like.

Our MonoTech Wheels provide the ultimate floor protection and a quiet, cushioned ride. These Wheels roll over obstacles and debris quickly and will not flat spot while versatile on any floor type. MonoTech Wheels rejects floor debris, including metal shavings and glass. We offer this caster series in both 3" and 4" diameters in White, Gray, and Black finish options and many different mounting types. CasterHQ provides many solutions to help you mount your casters to your equipment quickly and easily.including Threaded Stem mount, Top Plate Mount, Grip Ring Stem Mount, and Hollow Kingpin Mount. To top things off, this wheel is also chemical resistant.

Common Applications:

  • Computer Carts
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Space Programs
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Audio/Video Carts
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Seating
  • Medical Carts
  • Monitoring Equipment
  • IV Poles



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