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Ergo-X2 Casters | Capacity up to 1,250 lbs each

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Ergo-X2 Casters

The most Ergonomic Casters in the World | Capacity Range: up to 1200 lbs. per caster

It's very common for safety managers to demand that push/pull forces be as low as practically possible in order to reduce worker comp claims and injuries. Preliminary tests have indicated the force reduction of the Ergo-X2 can be as much as 22%. Safety experts and insurance professionals can vouch for the cost of one back injury, and recognize that an ounce of prevention with something like Ergo-X2 can be worth a pound of neglecting workers’ safety and hoping injuries won’t happen. Identifying risk factors at your worksite is just the beginning when it comes to improving work safety and preventing serious injuries to all employees. All major companies need to have systematic workplace requirements that focus on safety, productivity, and quality metrics. Make sure you build these efforts on a solid foundation with effective and efficient ergonomic risk assessments. Large corporations have Ergonomic Assessment Specialists that will look for high forces exerted by workers, awkward postures, repetitive tasks with high repetitions, vibrations, contact stress, and even cold temperatures. When workers are rolling carts and equipment they will normally experience at least five out of the six work place hazards. A ergonomic Caster and Wheel can completely eliminate or significantly reduce these type of risks but is often overlooked. Many Safety Managers, Safety Health, and Ergonomic Risk Assessment Managers typically overlook how important a Caster and Wheel are when it comes to increasing ergonomics and reducing injuries of workers as well a reducing liability for the company they are employed by. If your company needs an Ergonomic Caster and Wheel Risk Assessment, please contact us for the best Ergonomic assessment.

A typical swivel assembly in a caster has only one pivot point. The Ergo-X2 Caster essentially provides a second pivot point that reduces the startup force to get the cart moving when lock up is present.

Ergo-X2 reduces these binding forces by providing internal relief via the offset swivel raceways. So the Ergo-X2 paired with one of Hamilton’s low start up poly treads is the safer way forward. US Patent No. 9,051,965The new Ergo-X2 Caster Series is a premium highly engineered caster designed to reduce the force needed to push or pull carts. The patentedswivel caster design features two precision machined offsetting ball races in a compact assembly to minimize one of the final unresolved issues with swivel casters: lock up.