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Spinfinity ZFWH Caster Series with Ergo-Glide Wheels

As the name infers, the Ergo-Glide® wheel (formerly named Poly-Soft®) is well suited for ergonomic applications due to it's low startup and maintain push/pull force. This wheel is also the employee favorite and our wheel of choice for internal operations for it's balance of excellent rollability and durability. Other ergonomic wheels may roll slightly better, but the Ergo-Glide's heavy duty cast iron center and high tensile strength poly will likely outlast the others in its class. If a low push/pull force is top priority and durability is of lesser value, check out our Ergo-Tech™ wheels.

The Ergo-Glide® (formerly named Poly-Soft®) wheel is formulated for a quieter operation and greater resistance to foreign objects and debris (F.O.D.). Ergo-Glide® wheels have a softer tread hardness measuring 82-85 (Shore A scale) vs. the harder Duralast® 90-95 (Shore A) and is is well suited for rougher floors. The wheel has found popularity among automotive plants and those customers wanting to increase rollability, lower factory noise levels, and improve floor protection.



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