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Ergo-Glide Wheels Series SP Optimal Performance and Durability

Capacity Range: 560 – 2,800 lbs

Ergo-Glide Wheels - Engineered for Ergonomic Excellence

The Ergo-Glide Wheel, known for its exceptional low startup and maintain push/pull force, offers a balance of rollability and durability, making it a top choice for ergonomic applications and internal operations.

Advanced Properties for Enhanced Performance

Designed for quieter operation and high resistance to debris, Ergo-Glide Wheels feature a softer tread with 82-85 Shore A hardness, perfect for rough floors. Popular in automotive plants, these wheels enhance rollability, reduce noise levels, and protect flooring.

Versatility in Sizes and Availability

Available PRONTO with precision ball bearings, Ergo-Glide Wheels can be customized across a range of sizes from 3w" to 20" in diameter, fitting various caster types including forged steel and aluminum.

Superior Physical Properties

Crafted from high-grade liquid cast polyurethane with impressive resilience (82-85 Durometer), high tear and tensile strength, and exceptional abrasion resistance, these wheels are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -50° to +175° F, ensuring durability and reliability in diverse conditions.



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