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Hamilton Series EM Ergo-Tech Wheels

Capacity Range: 450 – 1,000 lbs | Ergonomic & Efficient

Ergonomic Design for Reduced Work-Related Injuries

The Hamilton Ergo-Tech Wheel is an ergonomist-recommended solution designed to minimize push/pull forces, thereby reducing work-related injuries. Its unique half-round tread and maintenance-free precision ball bearings ensure effortless rolling.

Advanced Wheel Technology

Our engineers have chosen a high energy, softer 87A durometer polyurethane for the Ergo-Tech. This ensures greater traction, repels foreign objects and debris, and operates quieter than most other urethanes, making it an ideal choice for various environments.

Why Choose Ergo-Tech?

Designed from the ground up, the Ergo-Tech wheel represents Hamilton's commitment to providing ergonomic, efficient, and high-quality wheel solutions for industrial needs. If you require higher durability with slightly higher push/pull forces, consider exploring our Ergo-Glide wheels.



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