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W/ Duralast Polyurethane Wheels

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Series D Duralast Wheels - Heavy-Duty Performance

Capacity Range: 1,000 – 9,000 lbs

Unmatched Durability and Quality

Series D Duralast Wheels are crafted for maximum durability. Liquid cast polyurethane of approximately 1/2" thickness is chemically bonded to robust iron wheel centers. These wheels feature a distinctive green tread, offering resistance to a variety of substances and ensuring no floor marking.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

Ideal for various applications, these wheels are available with or without bearings, including straight roller, precision ball, or precision tapered bearings. For sizes over 5", wheels with straight and tapered roller bearings include ball-check lubrication fittings in the hub.

Technical Specifications for Optimal Use

Composed of high-grade liquid cast polyurethane, these wheels feature a hardness of 90-95 Durometer (Shore A), excellent abrasion resistance, and withstand temperatures ranging from --50° to +200° F intermittently. They are also built to endure occasional steam cleaning without damage.



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W/ Duralast Polyurethane Wheels