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Caster Pads & Caster Docks

Quickly change casters without the need for nuts and bolts

Caster Pads are meant to be welded onto the bottom of your cart or equipment. They allow you to slide your plate caster into the mounting pad and then secure the caster pad and caster into place with a single axle and nut. Caster Pads are a great way to save time and money when changing out casters. Many Caster and Wheel applications are very demanding and abusive requiring casters to be replaced quite frequently. Caster pads eliminate the need to un-bolt the caster and mounting plate from the cart every time you have to change your casters. Our Caster Pads are un-plated to allow the user to quickly weld them on without harmful fumes that a zinc-plated version releases when welding. Simply weld on the caster pads and you will never have to bolt another caster to your cart or equipment again! More and more large manufacturing plants are specifying caster pads on their in-house carts for this very reason. The amount of money they save on time and by eliminating the need to buy mounting hardware saves large companies thousands of dollars every year!

Another popular use for Caster Pads / Caster Docks is when you are rolling your cart or equipment on different terrains and floor types where a different type of wheel or caster might be more suitable for that specific terrain. If you have casters with multiple wheel types you can easily swap out the caster with a different wheel type that is best suited for your current application and floor condition. Caster Pads allows you to be more versatile anywhere you go while saving time and money on unnecessary labor.

Buy quick change caster pads from CasterHQ and save your company time and money from frequent caster changes. Only the best casters and wheels come from the Caster Headquarters.

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