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Blickle American Standard Casters

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Blickle USA - American Standard Casters

The New Blickle USA Distribution Center in Newnan, GA

Caster Headquarters, LLC has partnered with Blickle to provide the USA with the highest quality Casters and Wheels. Blickle's capabilities in the Caster and Wheel industry are unmatched. When you buy a Blickle brand product from Caster Headquarters, you automatically get full access to Blickle's engineering services, state-of-the-art testing facilities, and the most brilliant minds in the caster and wheel industry! Blickle and CasterHQ will have you covered for any Caster and Wheel requirements. Whether you need a Custom manufactured Caster and Wheel, Metric / European Standard Caster, or an American Standard Caster, we'll always have you covered. Blickle offers 4-year manufacturer warranties on their German Manufactured Caster line and guarantees the highest quality casters in the world.

Please find the Blickle US Catalog and Pegasus US Catalog links below. If you see a specific product and need special pricing and availability, please give us a call @
844-439-4335or email us at [email protected] for immediate assistance.

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Watch the video below to learn about Blickle USA.

Blickle Casters & Pegasus Casters by CasterHQ! Shop the highest quality Casters and Wheels in the world! Casters and Wheels that provide the ultimate peace of mind.