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SUPER CUSHION RUBBER - 6" thru 8" wheels - up to 450 lbs

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Pneumatic Wheel Alternatives: EXTREME CUSHION WHEELS

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Weight Capacities and Size Range

Offering weight capacities from 350 to 450 lbs and available in 6"x2" and 8"x2" sizes, our EXTREME CUSHION wheels are your go-to choice for robust and reliable caster wheels.

Why Choose EXTREME CUSHION Wheels?

EXTREME CUSHION rubber caster wheels redefine comfort and durability. These wheels provide excellent shock absorption, quiet operation, and can be used on various terrains including grass and concrete. However, they are not suitable for gravel or sand. The design eliminates the need for air, thus removing any chance of experiencing a flat tire, making them the perfect alternative to pneumatic wheels. They're ideally suited for Scientific and Electronic Laboratories, Hospitals, Hotels, and more.

Premium Features

Comprising of high-modulus rubber tread vulcanized to an aluminum core, EXTREME CUSHION wheels offer optimum floor protection and noise reduction. Their rounded balloon cushion tread offers unsurpassed shock absorption, while their high modulus round tread minimizes surface friction, making turning easier. For best results, pair them with sealed precision ball bearings and top hat bushings.

Technical Specifications

  • Durometer: 60 Shore A (+/-5)
  • Temperature Range: -40° F to 180° F


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High-Quality Clearance Casters and Wheels: Boost Your Mobility & Efficiency

Top-Notch Features for Premium Caster Performance

Searching for reliable, durable, and efficient casters? Our high modulus quality rubber tread is vulcanized to an aluminum core, offering you unmatched strength and longevity.

Rounded Balloon Cushion Tread: Ultimate Floor Protection & Quiet Operation

Experience the best shock-absorbing cushioned ride with our rounded balloon cushion tread. This feature allows for easy rolling over debris and small obstructions like electrical cords and floor joints while ensuring maximum floor protection and ultra-quiet rolling.

Effortless Mobility with High Modulus Round Tread

Our high modulus round tread minimizes surface friction, making it easy to turn the wheel and improve your mobility.

Optimal Roll-ability with Sealed Precision Ball Bearings

To maximize your caster's roll-ability, we recommend using our sealed precision ball bearings combined with top hat bushings for unparalleled performance.

Technical Specifications: Durometer and Temperature Range

Our casters feature a durometer of 60 Shore A (+/-5) and can operate efficiently in a temperature range of -40° F to 180° F.