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4 Inch

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4 Inch Thermoplastic Rubber Wheel Casters

4" Light Duty Caster Weight Capacities Ranging from 210 lbs to 315 lbs
Swivel & Rigid Casters

Plate Size: 2-3/8" x 3-5/8"
Mounting Plate image not to actual scale
3" X 1.25" Thermo Plastic Rubber Caster Set of 4 - 2 Swivel & 2 Rigid Casters - 900 lbs Capacity Per Set

This video discusses our 2-inch wide TPR Wheels BUT the same characteristics of this wheel apply to all sizes of our Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels.
CasterHQ's 4 Inch (4" x 1-1/4") TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber or TPE for Thermoplastic Elastomer) Wheel is specially engineered to provide unsurpassed durability and reliability. This premium wheel combines the durability of a hard tread wheel with the quiet floor protection of a soft tread wheel. They are made of a thermoplastic elastomer which is permanently bonded to a polypropylene core and will not mark floors. The FX Performance TPR Wheel is resistant to chemicals, acids, bases, alcohols, salts and steam. The Performance TPR Wheel tread material can be made to various durometers. Thermo Plastic Rubber Wheels were designed for clean room applications. These wheels are almost always used in Hospitals and ER Clinics on hospital equipment and Carts. There are a numerous amount of reasons why "TPR Wheels" are used in these environments. The most common reason is to reduce noise while rolling these through hallways and rooms. Thermo Plastic Rubber is an extremely quiet rolling wheel that has a thick rubber tread to absorb shock with the ability to grip the floor and easily roll over obstacles, debris, and cords. Another positive feature about these wheels would have to be the ability to resist cleaning chemicals, solvents, acids (up to 10%), salt water, oils and greases. Thermo Plastic Rubber Wheels are completely non-marking / non marring and will not leave streaks or marks whatsoever. If you want the best floor protections, quietest ride, and most durable wheel, choose CasterHQ's Thermo Rubber Wheel Casters.

• Non-marking Thermoplastic rubber tread is permanently bonded to Polyolefin core.
• Shock-absorbing cushioned ride offers floor protection and quiet rolling operation.
• TPR Wheels offers great stability at low temperatures.
• Resistant to cleaning chemicals, acids, alcohol, water, and is excellent for wash down applications & outdoor use, UV resistant.
• Flat tread wheels offer maximum durability at rated capacities; while round tread wheels offer an easy rolling ergonomic ride; reduced tread surface area also enables improved swiveling capabilities and turning mobility.
• Gray & black tread colors are available; both are non-marking.
• Durometer: 65 Shore A (+/-5).
• Temperature range: -40° F to 180° F.
This attractive wheel accommodates a large number of industries and a limitless number of applications. They are smooth and quiet, absorb shock and have superior impact resistance. These wheels resist flat spotting, acids and make equipment easier to handle. CasterHQ's FX TPR Wheels are extremely resilient and easily rolls over debris and uneven surfaces. They are very popular in institutional, food service, retail display, hospitals, schools, restaurants and all types of industrial and manufacturing environments including factories, warehouses and shop floors.
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