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3" Wheels

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3" Thermo Plastic Rubber Wheels for Industrial and Institutional Casters - CasterHQ

Key Features: Non-marking, Quiet Ride, 210 lbs Weight Capacity

Looking for high-quality industrial and institutional casters? Our 3" Thermo Plastic Rubber wheels provide a quiet, smooth ride with a weight capacity of 210 lbs. Ideal for a variety of applications!

In-Depth Product Information

CasterHQ's 3" Thermo Plastic Rubber wheels are engineered with premium, non-marking gray rubber tread bonded to a robust Polyolefin core. These wheels are often utilized in food service, hospitals, laboratories, and various industrial settings. Unlike standard polyurethane wheels, these feature a softer 75 Shore A Durometer for enhanced mobility over obstacles.

Benefits and Limitations

These wheels offer shock absorption, floor protection, and a quiet ride. Note that while they excel in cushioning, they may not be suitable for prolonged stationary loads as they could develop flat spots.

Safety and Chemical Considerations

The wheel tread is bonded with industrial-grade glue and may be sensitive to extreme conditions like harsh chemicals or high speeds.

Common Applications for Thermo Rubber Wheels

These wheels are versatile and commonly used in medical equipment, food service, industrial machinery, and more.

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This video discusses our 2-inch wide TPR Wheels BUT the same characteristics of this wheel apply to all sizes of our Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels.



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Discover the Power of CasterHQ's 3" Thermo Plastic Rubber Wheels

Experience unmatched durability and performance with our top-of-the-line 3" Thermo Plastic Rubber Wheels by CasterHQ. Rated for a robust 210 lbs weight capacity, these wheels are the ideal choice for a variety of high-demand environments.

Quiet and Non-Marking: The Perfect Wheel for Any Setting

Say goodbye to disruptive noise and unsightly marks on your floors! Our wheels are engineered with a non-marking gray rubber tread that ensures a quiet, smooth ride across multiple surfaces. Ideal for industrial, hospital, and food service use.

Why Choose Thermo Plastic Rubber Wheels Over Standard Polyurethane?

Unlike conventional polyurethane wheels, our Thermo Plastic Rubber wheels have a softer 75 Shore A Durometer that allows for superior maneuverability over obstacles. These wheels offer the added benefits of shock absorption and floor protection, all while delivering a quiet experience.

Important Considerations for Optimal Use

While these wheels excel in many areas, it's crucial to note that they are not designed for long periods of stationary loads. For best performance, ensure that your load is mobile to prevent the development of flat spots on the wheels.

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