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6" Wheels

Hamilton SS Workhorse | WHS Casters with 6" Unilast Wheels

Durable & Long-Lasting | Ideal for Heavy-duty Applications

Product Overview

The Hamilton SS Workhorse is the pinnacle of caster engineering. It is designed with a robust stainless steel structure, ensuring unmatched durability and strength. Paired with our 6-inch Unilast Wheels, these casters promise smooth movement, even with heavy loads.

Key Features & Benefits

- Stainless Steel Framework: Guarantees resistance against rust and corrosion, perfect for industrial environments.
- 6" Unilast Wheels: These wheels provide even weight distribution and prevent marks on your flooring.
- Heavy-duty Application: Ideal for machinery, equipment, and any application requiring robust support.

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Don't miss out on these top-of-the-line casters. Designed for both functionality and longevity, the Hamilton SS Workhorse is a worthy investment for any industry professional.