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W/ Duralast XC Polyurethane Wheels

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Duralast XC Wheels Series D70 - Enhanced Rollability & Extra Capacity

Engineered Performance | Versatile Capacity Range

Adaptable Capacity for Varied Needs

Duralast XC Wheels Series D70 is your ultimate partner for tasks requiring improved rollability and extra load capacity. Catering to diverse needs, these wheels are meticulously designed to handle weights ranging from a light 975 lbs to a hefty 7,800 lbs with utmost efficiency.

70 Durometer Polyurethane for Superior Durability

Boasting a 70 durometer polyurethane constitution (Shore D), the D70 series surpasses the standard 95A poly wheels in hardness and durability. Experience up to 30% extra load capacity and effortless rollability, signifying the XC - eXtra Capacity, a mark of unmatched performance.

Optimized for Smooth Floor Applications

Master the art of efficiency with wheels crafted to excel on smooth surfaces. The harder tread design not only facilitates improved rollability but also serves as a formidable barrier against foreign objects and debris, assuring consistent performance and extended wheel lifespan.

Why Duralast XC Wheels Series D70?

Revel in the blend of enhanced rollability facilitated by 70 durometer polyurethane, and eXtra Capacity to manage up to 30% additional weight. The design intricacies make them a fortress against debris, promising longevity and unyielding performance in every roll. Step into a realm where efficiency and capacity are not just prioritized but exemplified.



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W/ Duralast XC Polyurethane Wheels