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12" Wheels

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Hamilton UltraGlide Stainless Casters with 12" UltraGlide 24/7 Wheels

12" UltraGlide 24/7 Performance Wheels | Stainless Steel Construction for Durability

Premium Stainless Steel Casters for Continuous Operation

Discover the unparalleled performance of the Hamilton UltraGlide Stainless Casters with 12" UltraGlide 24/7 Wheels, designed for non-stop use in demanding environments. These casters are engineered with high-quality stainless steel to resist corrosion and provide long-lasting service. The UltraGlide wheels offer superior mobility, making them ideal for medical, food service, and industrial applications where continuous operation is essential.

Enhance Mobility with UltraGlide Technology

The Hamilton UltraGlide series casters are crafted for effortless movement and reliability. With their 12" UltraGlide wheels, these casters deliver smooth rolling performance 24/7, ensuring your operations run seamlessly without interruption. Their stainless steel framework not only adds to the aesthetic but ensures a sanitary, rust-free solution for environments where cleanliness is paramount.

Professional Support for Your Caster Needs

Making the right choice in casters is critical for your business. Our team of Hamilton Caster Specialists is available from 8 am - 5 pm to help you select the perfect caster solution. Experience the Hamilton commitment to quality with our UltraGlide Stainless Casters.



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