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Unbeatable Casters for Stainless Steel Work Tables: Transform Your Kitchen Workflow Today!

Elevate Your Commercial Kitchen Game with CasterHQ’s Top-of-the-Line Casters

Looking for a caster upgrade for your stainless steel kitchen prep tables? Look no further. CasterHQ's industry-leading casters fit seamlessly with 1-1/2" Inner Diameter Leg Tubings and 1-5/8" outer diameters, making them perfect for all standard commercial kitchen prep tables. Brands like Advance Tabco and Griddman are 100% compatible.

Why Choose CasterHQ’s Stainless Steel Prep Table Casters?

All-encompassing Lock: All our casters feature Total Locking capabilities. When you engage the brake, it locks both the wheel and the swivel, giving you an immovable setup.

Certifications Galore: Our casters are NSF-approved, RoHS-compliant, and ISO:8001 certified.

Customize Your Prep Table Height with Multiple Caster Sizes

We offer a range of sizes to suit your specific needs. Our 4" diameter caster wheels are the go-to choice for most commercial kitchens. Choose the size that elevates your kitchen setup just the way you like it.



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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Kitchen with CasterHQ's Stainless Steel Table Casters

Say Goodbye to Wobbly Tables Forever

Ever found yourself frustrated with a wobbly prep table while trying to master your culinary skills? Say goodbye to that problem forever! Introducing CasterHQ's state-of-the-art casters, specifically engineered for stainless steel work tables and kitchen prep tables.

Unparalleled Mobility and Stability

These aren’t just any casters. We’re talking about a whole new level of mobility and stability, all in one package. Imagine wheels that glide so smoothly you'll think you're on ice, paired with a Total Lock system that could make a vault envious. This is the kind of unparalleled stability and freedom of movement you get with our casters.

Quality You Can Trust

Why compromise on quality when you can go premium with CasterHQ? Each of our casters undergoes rigorous testing to meet stringent industry standards. They're NSF-approved, RoHS compliant, and ISO:8001 certified, which means you’re not just buying a product, you're making an investment in quality and reliability.

Choose the Right Size for Your Kitchen

Choose from a diverse range of sizes to tailor your kitchen setup to perfection. Whether it’s a bustling commercial kitchen or a cozy home setup, CasterHQ has got you covered. Elevate your kitchen experience from good to great, and then to absolutely stellar with CasterHQ’s top-tier stainless steel work table casters.

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