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Spring Loaded | SPCH Capacity up to 1630 lbs

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Hamilton Spring Loaded Casters | SPCH Series

Premium Spring Loaded Mechanism | Weight Capacity Up to 1630 lbs

Heavy-Duty Spring Loaded Casters for Optimal Performance

The Hamilton Spring Loaded Casters SPCH series is engineered for high-performance and durability. Its state-of-the-art spring-loaded mechanism ensures a smooth and stable movement across various terrains, making it ideal for industrial applications. With a weight capacity of up to 1630 lbs, it's among the best heavy-duty casters available in the market.

Why Choose Hamilton's SPCH Spring Loaded Casters?

Invest in quality with Hamilton's SPCH series. Designed for demanding industrial environments, these casters reduce shock and vibration, thereby extending the life of your equipment. Experience reduced maintenance and downtime with Hamilton's renowned engineering excellence.

Need Assistance? Hamilton's Caster Experts Are Here To Help!

Selecting the right caster for your needs can be challenging. Let our expert team guide you. Reach out to Hamilton's caster specialists for insights and recommendations specific to your requirements.



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Hamilton's Commitment to Excellence

Optimized for Industrial Challenges | Spring-loaded Design | Up to 1630 lbs Capacity

SPCH Series: Beyond Ordinary Casters

Dive deeper into the unmatched capabilities of the Hamilton Spring Loaded Casters SPCH Series. Specifically crafted for rigorous industrial demands, our casters blend innovation with durability. Experience reduced wear and tear, seamless mobility, and optimal weight distribution, all thanks to the state-of-the-art spring-loaded mechanism. Don't just move; glide effortlessly with Hamilton's SPCH Series.

Why Professionals Trust Hamilton

For years, Hamilton has been a beacon of reliability in caster solutions. Our commitment to quality, paired with unmatched engineering, makes us a preferred choice for professionals. Whether it's the SPCH Series or any other product, with Hamilton, you're not just buying a caster; you're investing in performance and peace of mind.