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4" Wheels

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Hamilton MagmaMax Extra Heavy Duty Casters with High Heat Wheels

4" High Heat Stainless Steel Wheels | Ideal for High-Temperature Environments

Durable Heavy-Duty Casters for High-Temperature Applications

The Hamilton MagmaMax Series is engineered for performance in high-temperature environments, featuring a resilient 4" high heat stainless steel wheel design. These extra heavy-duty casters are perfect for use in autoclaves, bakeries, smokehouses, and other high-temperature settings, offering reliability and smooth mobility.

Enhanced Performance with MagmaMax Casters

Optimize your industrial applications with the MagmaMax Extra Heavy Duty Casters. Built to withstand temperatures up to 750°F without compromising on performance, these casters ensure your operations continue seamlessly without interruption due to heat-related material degradation.

Expert Guidance for Your Caster Needs

Selecting the right caster for high-temperature applications is crucial. Our Caster Experts are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm to help you choose the best Hamilton MagmaMax caster for your requirements. Ensure your equipment is fitted with top-quality, high-temperature resistant casters for unmatched performance.



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