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Superlast | SY Capacity up to 6000 lbs

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Hamilton Superlast | SY Series - High Capacity Polyurethane Wheels up to 6000 lbs

Hamilton Superlast | SY Series Casters

Exceptional Strength for Heavy-Duty Applications

The Hamilton Superlast SY Series stands out in the heavy-duty caster category with its remarkable load capacity of up to 6000 lbs. Crafted for the most demanding industrial applications, these casters ensure reliable and efficient transportation of heavy loads.

Durable Polyurethane Wheels

Equipped with high-quality polyurethane wheels, the Superlast SY Series promises longevity and floor protection. These wheels offer excellent resistance to wear, chemicals, and impact, making them ideal for diverse industrial environments.

Optimal Performance and Maneuverability

Designed to combine strength with maneuverability, the Superlast SY Series provides smooth and controlled movement, even under maximum load conditions. This enhances operational efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Versatile Application Range

From manufacturing facilities to warehouses, the SY Series is versatile enough to handle a variety of heavy-duty tasks. Its robust construction makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Easy Integration and Maintenance

These casters are designed for easy integration with a wide range of equipment. Their maintenance-friendly design ensures long-term, hassle-free operation.

Why Choose Hamilton Superlast SY Series?

Choosing the Hamilton Superlast SY Series means investing in a caster that delivers unmatched durability, capacity, and performance. Perfect for industries requiring the highest standard in material handling solutions.



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Superlast | SY Capacity up to 6000 lbs

Hamilton Superlast SY Series - High Capacity Casters for Industrial Use

Enhance Your Equipment's Mobility with Hamilton Superlast SY Series

In the world of heavy-duty industrial applications, the Hamilton Superlast SY Series Casters stand as a beacon of reliability and strength. Designed to support up to 6000 lbs, these casters are the go-to choice for equipment requiring robust mobility solutions.

Built to Last

The SY Series is not just about capacity; it’s about enduring performance. With polyurethane wheels, these casters resist wear and tear, chemicals, and impact, ensuring longevity in the toughest of environments.

Unmatched Maneuverability

Despite their high capacity, these casters offer remarkable maneuverability. The smooth-rolling polyurethane wheels paired with a sturdy swivel design make handling heavy loads effortless, enhancing workplace efficiency and safety.

Versatile Use

Whether it’s for manufacturing, warehousing, or outdoor industrial applications, the Hamilton Superlast SY Series is versatile enough to meet a wide range of heavy-duty mobility needs.

A Smart Investment

Investing in the Hamilton Superlast SY Series means choosing a caster that offers peak performance, durability, and reliability. Enhance your equipment's mobility with a solution designed for the most demanding tasks.