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Hamilton 6" Ergo-Glide XT Caster | Durable EG Polyurethane Wheels for Superior Handling

Hamilton 6" Ergo-Glide XT Caster with EG Polyurethane Wheels

Enhanced Mobility for Industrial Applications

The Hamilton 6" Ergo-Glide XT Caster is engineered to provide unmatched mobility and handling in industrial environments. Its EG Polyurethane Wheels are not only durable but also designed for ergonomic efficiency, reducing strain and increasing maneuverability.

Robust and Reliable Design

These casters are built to withstand the rigors of industrial use, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. The polyurethane wheels offer a perfect balance of toughness and floor protection, suitable for a variety of surfaces.


  • Wheel Diameter: 6 inches for optimal ground coverage.
  • Wheel Material: High-quality EG Polyurethane for durability and smooth rolling.
  • Load Capacity: Ideal for heavy-duty industrial tasks.
  • Ergonomic Design: Ensures reduced physical effort and increased efficiency.

Versatile Use and Easy Installation

The Hamilton 6" Ergo-Glide XT Casters are versatile for various industrial applications, from manufacturing to warehousing. Their design allows for easy installation, making them a practical choice for quick upgrades or replacements.

Why Choose Hamilton Ergo-Glide XT?

By choosing these casters, you invest in a solution that offers durability, efficiency, and ergonomic benefits. Ideal for businesses prioritizing both operational efficiency and worker safety.



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