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W/ 1-1/4" Bearings

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Hamilton 3-1/2" Ergo-Glide Caster with Enhanced Roller Bearing

Hamilton 10" Ergo-Glide Caster: Unmatched 1-1/4" Bearing Performance

State-of-the-Art Roller Bearing for Smooth Operations

At the heart of the Hamilton 10" Ergo-Glide Caster lies its superior roller bearing. Engineered for smooth and efficient mobility, this bearing significantly reduces friction, ensuring seamless movement under various load conditions.

Enhanced Durability and Load Capacity

The robust 1-1/4" roller bearing in this caster is designed for longevity and heavy-duty use. It offers exceptional load-bearing capabilities, making the caster a reliable choice for industrial, commercial, and healthcare applications.

Movement and Control

Precision is key in caster performance, and the Hamilton 10" Ergo-Glide excels with its high-quality bearing. This allows for controlled and precise maneuverability, essential in sensitive and tight-space environments.

Reduced Maintenance and Enhanced Efficiency

The durability of the roller bearing ensures minimal maintenance, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for managing mobility in various settings.

Commitment to Quality: The Hamilton Bearing Advantage

Opting for the Hamilton 10" Ergo-Glide Caster is a decision for quality and performance. The advanced 1-1/4" roller bearing at its core sets it apart, offering unmatched reliability and smoothness in operation.



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