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Hamilton Extra Heavy | AGV 24/7 Casters with 16" DuraGlide-AVG Wheels

16" DuraGlide-AVG Wheels for Superior Performance | Engineered for Extra Heavy Duty and 24/7 Operations

Robust and Reliable AGV 24/7 Caster Solution

Presenting the Hamilton Extra Heavy Duty AGV 24/7 Casters equipped with the groundbreaking 16" DuraGlide-AVG Wheels. Designed to perform under the most rigorous conditions, this caster ensures optimal mobility and durability. Whether for round-the-clock operations or high-load applications, its precision design and engineering cater to the needs of the most demanding industries.

The Ultimate Caster for AGV Systems and Heavy-Duty Applications

Rely on the Hamilton AGV 24/7 series for unmatched strength and longevity. Built to serve industries where constant operation and heavy loads are the norm, our AGV caster stands out in efficiency and dependability. Experience the Hamilton difference – a name synonymous with quality and endurance in the caster world.

Need Assistance? Hamilton's Caster Experts are Here to Help

Pondering if the Hamilton AGV 24/7 caster with 16" DuraGlide-AVG Wheels is the right fit for your application? Our seasoned team of Caster Specialists is eager to assist. Connect with us weekdays between 8 am - 5 pm for expert advice and custom solutions.



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