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Drywall Cart Wheels and Casters

CasterHQ offers the most affordable Drywall Cart Wheels and Dolly Casters Online. Most standard Drywall Carts come with a Round Tread Gray non-marking Thermo Plastic Rubber 8" x 2" Wheels. Each Wheel is Rated for 700lbs Capacity, when combining four Casters these will hold 2,800 lbs per Drywall Cart and roll easily over small debris while providing a slight cushioned and shock absorbing ride. If you need purchase the Red Polyurethane on Cast Iron Wheels you can buy the Replacement Swivel Casters Here, Rigids Here, and Replacement Wheels Here. We also sell another very common replacement sheet rock dolly wheel and caster which are known as Mold On Rubber Wheels. Mold on Rubber wheels have a thick black rubber tread molded to a black cast iron core. This is another very common wheel and caster used on drywall carts, dollies, sheet rock dollies, and most carts. The black rubber is 1" thick and absorbs shock and vibrations and will easily roll over gravel, cords, cracks, and debris. The Black Mold On Rubber Wheels can leave black streaks on occasion based on the ease of maneuverability and if this is a potential problem you can always upgrade to the Gray Non Marking Thermo Plastic Rubber Wheels and Casters shown below as well. Both Wheels and Casters are exceptional and are the industry standard casters for Drywall Carts, Sheet Rock Dollies, and most Panel Carts as well.

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Caster HQ provides OEM Replacement Casters for all Styles of Drywall Carts. Our mounting plates are the industry standard 4" x 4-1/2" over-all size to easily replace the caster on your drywall cart. We offer multiple bearing and brake options as upgrades if needed. If you only need replacement wheels we have options to buy different bearings, spanner bushings, and axles as well to replace all of your wheel hardware.

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