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Casters and Wheels for Bakery & Oven Racks

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Casters and Wheels for Bakery & Oven Racks

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Oven Rack Casters are among the most frequently used and abused Casters compared to many other types of Casters and Wheels on the market. Many companies that buy our High-Temperature Oven Casters and Wheels use used 24 hours a day to 7 days a week. We always recommend rotating the mobile oven racks, so the wheels are not used 24/7; some companies have no choice depending on their product demand and the number of racks at their disposal. Luckily, here at Caster Headquarters, we have amazing clients who allow us to test multiple wheel material options within their application to determine which wheel is the safest to use while holding up to the high temperatures and harsh environments for the longest periods of time. We have tested the top 3 high-temperature wheel materials and determined that the Green High-Temperature Epoxy Resin Wheels outperform any other high-temperature wheel on the market, specifically for bakery and oven applications.

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High-Temperature Wheels Tested in a walk-in oven:

  • High-Temperature Glass-Filled Nylon Wheels - Great for smooth non-grated floors and shorter baking times. These wheels need a cool-down period. Otherwise, they develop flat spots if used for longer periods of time.

  • High-Temperature Phenolic Wheels - Great for smooth non-grated floors and short baking times. These wheels need a cool-down period. Otherwise, they develop flat spots if used for longer periods of time. Phenolic Wheels are also not meant for humid or wet environments, so these should never be washed down as the wheel can become brittle and fall apart.

  • High-Temperature Green Epoxy Resin Wheels - WINNER! - This wheel is the true winner in baking times, temperatures, wash-downs, and even floor types. We have tested this fully loaded running non-stop on steel grated floors, which are very rough, and this wheel continues to hold up the longest and outperform the other high-temperature wheels on the market. This wheel has a patent to protect the specific wheel material makeup and is a proprietary product that took years of engineering to perfect. Don't be fooled by copycat or look-a-like versions on the market. No other green high temp epoxy wheels perform as well as this specific high temp wheel used in industrial ovens.

The most common oven rack caster would have a wheel diameter of 4 inches and a wheel tread width of 1-1/2". Typically if you buy our industry-standard bakery caster, it should fit 95% of bakery racks—most OEMs manufacture their racks to fit this specific size caster and wheel. The mounting plate is typically a 3-1/8" x 4-1/8" overall plate size with a bolt hole pattern of 3-1/8″ X 2-1/16″. The overall height of this Caster from the bottom of the wheel to the top of the mounting plate is 5-1/8," and the bore of this wheel in particular, which is a 5/16" axle that runs through the wheel. We offer this same wheel with a 1/2" bore and a 3/8" bore if your specific caster or wheel is not the industry standard 5/16" version. Our green high-temperature epoxy wheels can withstand up to 500 lbs of weight capacity per caster and have a temperature range of -20° F to 550°F. Our bearing setup comes standard with Dual 5/16" Sealed Quad Precision Bearings, which allows your bakery rack to roll smoothly, quietly, and almost effortlessly across any floor type.

High Temp Caster - PART#: Z20P2431NGD
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