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12" Wheels

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Hamilton SS Champion | CHS Casters with 12" Plastex Phenolic Wheels

Durable & Reliable | Industry-Standard Quality

Key Features of Hamilton SS Champion Casters

The Hamilton SS Champion | CHS Casters are renowned for their superior durability and top-notch design. Featuring 12" Plastex Phenolic wheels, they offer optimal performance even under heavy loads, making them ideal for industrial applications.

Why Choose Plastex Phenolic Wheels?

Plastex Phenolic wheels are well-known for their high weight-bearing capacity and resistance to oils, chemicals, and water. Their non-marking design ensures floor protection, making them a favorite for warehouses and factories.

Buy With Confidence

Opt for Hamilton SS Champion | CHS Casters and invest in wheels that promise longevity and unmatched performance. Secure, hassle-free online shopping experience guaranteed.

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