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21" Wheels

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Hamilton 8" Heavy Duty Zinc | 7100 Pneumatic Wheels

Hamilton 21" Heavy Duty Zinc | 7100 Pneumatic Wheels

Experience the robustness of Hamilton's 21-inch Heavy Duty Zinc Pneumatic Wheels. Part of the esteemed 7100 series, these wheels are designed for the most demanding industrial environments. Crafted with precision, they ensure smooth mobility and unparalleled durability.

Key Features:

  • Manufactured by Hamilton, a trusted name in industrial wheel solutions.
  • 21-inch diameter ensures perfect compatibility with a wide range of heavy-duty applications.
  • Built with premium-grade zinc for corrosion resistance and prolonged life.
  • Pneumatic design guarantees smooth operation on uneven surfaces.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor tasks, thanks to its rugged construction.

Why Choose Hamilton's 7100 Pneumatic Wheels?

When it comes to reliability and performance, the Hamilton 7100 series stands out. Engineered for the heaviest of loads and the toughest of terrains, these wheels won't let you down. Whether you're relocating machinery or transporting bulky items, trust in Hamilton's legacy of excellence.

Ready to enhance your equipment's mobility? Invest in Hamilton's 21-inch Heavy Duty Zinc Pneumatic Wheels today.



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