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Hamilton White Nylon 6 Wheels Series WN

Capacity Range: 350 – 1,100 lbs | High Durability & Performance

Robust and Hygienic Wheel Design

Crafted from solid Nylon 6, these wheels are perfect for demanding environments like food processing, meat packaging, poultry plants, and pharmaceutical labs. Their steam cleanability and resistance to water, solvents, and chemicals make them ideal for stringent hygiene requirements.

Exceptional Performance and Durability

Experience superior abrasion resistance and high capacity ratings. The 75 durometer (Shore D) hardness and crown tread design ensure easy rolling on smooth surfaces, making them suitable for manual applications. These non-marking wheels function effectively in temperatures ranging from -40° to +210° F.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Utility

Available in multiple sizes with various bearing options, these wheels feature flange type Delrin bearings in 1-1/2" face sizes, extending the hub length for improved rollability. Additionally, they are designed with smooth contours and no dirt-collecting pockets, ensuring cleanliness and maintenance ease.

Zero Water Absorption & Broad Temperature Range

These wheels stand out with their zero water absorption quality, maintaining performance even when immersed, and their suitability for a wide temperature range, ensuring reliability in various working conditions.



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