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W/ Poly-Tech Wheels

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Contemporary Polyurethane Wheels with Polypropylene Center

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Why Choose Our Red Polyurethane Wheels?

Experience an ideal combination of style and endurance with our red polyurethane wheels. Boasting a hardness rating of 90-95 Durometer Shore A, these wheels offer long-lasting performance. What distinguishes them is their eye-catching red polyurethane tread united with a specialized white polypropylene center, ensuring both visual allure and wheel durability.

Multipurpose Usages

The innovative design and rugged features make these wheels suitable for diverse environments. Be it hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, motels, office buildings, or light industry settings, our wheels fulfill a variety of needs with unparalleled sophistication.

These wheels not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also provide optimum resilience, making them a top choice for settings that demand both form and function. Say goodbye to compromises on either style or durability.



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W/ Poly-Tech Wheels

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