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Hamilton Series EM Ergo-Tech Wheels

Capacity Range: 450 – 1,000 lbs

Ergo-Tech: Engineered for Optimal Ergonomics

Hamilton's Ergo-Tech wheels, known for their superior rolling efficiency, are designed to minimize push/pull forces, reducing work-related injuries. The wheel features a unique half-round tread combined with maintenance-free precision ball bearings for effortless rolling.

High-Quality Material for Enhanced Performance

The wheels are made with a high energy, softer 87A durometer polyurethane, ensuring greater traction, repelling debris, and quieter operation than most other urethanes. This material choice contributes to both the durability and ergonomic benefits of the Ergo-Tech wheels.

Ideal for a Range of Applications

Perfect for environments where ergonomic efficiency is crucial, the Ergo-Tech wheel is Hamilton's premier choice for reducing physical strain in the workplace. For those requiring a balance between push/pull effort and durability, consider our Ergo-Glide wheels.



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