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Medium Duty UltraGlide Casters 1500 lbs Load Capacity

Enhanced Mobility for Industrial Use | Ergonomic and Continuous Duty Applications

Innovative UltraGlide Wheel Design

The UltraGlide caster series introduces a breakthrough in wheel technology, significantly reducing the energy required in manual or powered load movements. Ideal for ergonomic applications and continuous duty such as AGVs and AMRs, these casters redefine efficiency in automated material handling.

Advanced Wheel Technology

Featuring independent swivel surfaces, the UltraGlide wheels eliminate scrubbing for easier turning. The split outer raceways design minimizes friction for low startup and maintenance forces, enhancing user experience in various applications.

Precision Engineering for Maximum Durability

Hamilton engineers have enhanced the precision ball bearings, significantly extending bearing life. The die cast aluminum wheel center with a concave face focuses compression on the tread centerline, merging the cushioning benefits of a softer tread with the longevity of conventional heavy-duty wheels.



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