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Self-Braking Chair Casters

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High-Quality Self-Braking & Compression Brake Chair Casters for Maximum Safety

Best Price on Safe and Durable Chair Casters | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Top Benefits of Our Self-Braking and Compression Brake Chair Casters

Enhance workplace safety with our range of self-braking and compression brake casters for office chairs. These high-quality casters automatically lock when weight is applied, making them ideal for environments that require strict safety standards like hospitals, nursing homes, and corporate offices.

How Do Compression Brake and Self-Braking Chair Casters Work?

Compression Brake Casters use a weight-sensitive mechanism to lock the wheels automatically, requiring as little as 12-15 lbs of weight. Self-Braking Casters employ a special friction brake that engages as soon as weight is applied. Both types offer ease of maneuverability when the chair is unoccupied.

Industries Benefiting from Our Safety Casters

Our casters are not just for office chairs. They are also essential for safety in hospitals, retirement homes, surgery centers, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers. Meet and exceed safety standards with our top-rated chair casters.

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Self-braking chair casters from CasterHQ are innovative and convenient accessories that offer improved safety and functionality for chairs in various settings. These casters and wheels are designed with a unique braking mechanism that engages when the chair is occupied, preventing unintended movement and providing enhanced stability.

One of the key uses of self-braking chair casters is in office environments. These heavy-duty casters are particularly beneficial for task chairs and executive chairs where stability and safety are crucial. The self-braking feature ensures that the chair remains securely in place when the user is seated, minimizing the risk of accidental rolling or tipping. This provides peace of mind and eliminates the need for additional manual brakes or locks.

The benefits and advantages of self-braking chair casters are significant. The braking mechanism automatically engages when weight is applied to the chair, and disengages when the user stands up, allowing for seamless movement when needed. This feature of these chair casters improves overall chair safety and reduces the potential for accidents or injuries caused by unintended chair movement.

Additionally, self-braking chair casters offer convenience and ease of use. The braking mechanism operates automatically without any additional effort or action required from the user. This allows for a seamless transition between sitting and standing, enhancing productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

When choosing self-braking chair casters, CasterHQ is the preferred destination. Our caster company offers a wide selection of high-quality casters to suit different chair models and applications. With our extensive expertise in the caster industry, CasterHQ ensures that customers receive reliable and durable casters and wheels that meet their specific needs. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, and our caster company is committed to providing exceptional service and support throughout the purchasing process.

Self-braking chair casters from CasterHQ are essential accessories for chairs in various settings. Their ability to provide stability, safety, and convenience make these chair casters especially popular in office environments. With their automatic braking mechanism, these heavy-duty casters enhance chair safety and eliminate the risk of unintended movement. For a wide selection of high-quality casters and wheels and outstanding customer service, choose CasterHQ as your trusted caster supplier. Order today.



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Guide: How to Measure Grip Ring Stem Casters for Chairs and Furniture

Need to replace or upgrade the wheels on your chairs or furniture? You've come to the right place for a comprehensive guide on measuring Grip Ring Stem Casters. Make sure you get the right fit the first time.

Key Measurements: Stem Diameter and Length

Stem Diameter: The optimal diameter should be 7/16" or 0.4375 inches.
Stem Length: Aim for a length of 7/8" inches.

How to Measure Grip Ring / Friction Ring Stem Diameter

For accurate measurement of the Grip Ring or Friction Ring Stem Diameter, you can use a 7/16" wrench. This should fit snugly around the stem's diameter. Alternatively, a 7/16" drill bit can be inserted into the hole of the chair leg. If it fits flush, you can confidently replace your existing casters with ours.

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