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Kingpinless Casters with Ductile Steel Wheels

Eliminate Failures, Increase Strength, Durability, and Reliability using our Kingpinless Plate Casters

4" x 2" Kingpinless Swivel Plate Caster - Polyurethane on Cast Iron Wheel - 700 lbs Capacity Per Caster - 4" x 4-1/2" Top Plate

This product page covers our 2" wide Ductile Steel Kingpinless Casters with a 4" x 4-1/2" top plate. Kingpinless Casters eliminate the possibility of failure by eliminating so many moving parts. It is constructed precisely with just a mounting plate, a forged inner race, an outer race to which the legs are welded, and the ball bearings between the two parts. There is no weak point in a kingpinless caster, as everything is precisely machined, forged, and welded. Kingpinless casters eliminate the kingpin, which will always be the weakest point that absorbs all the stress. A kingpinless caster also has a much larger diameter raceway compared to a standard kingpin caster allowing the kingpinless caster to evenly distribute more load over a larger area which also increases its strength and durability. Combined with a Solid Ductile Steel Wheel allows you to get up to 2,000 per caster depending on the size of the wheel. Ductile Steel Wheels are made out of ductile iron and have a extra thick walled, heavy-duty core, hub, and tread. The tensile strength is around 70,000 PSI per wheel and offers temperature ranges from -45°F up to 800°F for a very versatile and heavy duty caster.

  • Extra Heavy-Duty Applications
  • Heavy Core and Wheel Face
  • High Capacity
  • Tensile Strength: 70,000 PSI
  • Zerk Fitting Included
  • Temperature Range -45°F to 800°F
  • Made of Ductile Iron
  • Hot forged ASTM 1045 steel
  • The design eliminates problems associated with kingpin failure due to severe shock loading
  • The top plate and inner raceway are integrally forged construction
  • Precision machined and induction-hardened sealed raceway provides exceptionally smooth performance
  • 3/8” Diameter HRC45 steel ball bearings absorb thrust and load in severe environments
  • Double welded legs Rigids are manufactured from 8 mm thick steel
  • 1/2” Diameter Zerk axle & lock nut

  • Plate Size: 4" x 4-1/2"
    3-1/4" X 2" Inch Rigid Caster - Phenolic Wheel - 700 Lbs Capacity



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