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JOBOX JOBSITE CASTERS - Plate Size - 4" x 4-1/2"

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Jobox Jobsite™ Generic Replacement Caster Sets by CasterHQ

Product Description

Unveil a new era of functionality and mobility with our Jobox Jobsite™ Generic Replacement Caster Sets. These game-changing wheel sets are engineered to be the direct replacements for Jobox Jobsite Tool Boxes.

Compatible with Multiple Models

If you own Jobox tool boxes from MFG No. 1-681990, 1-658990, 6YG35, and more, then look no further. These casters are not just a generic solution; they are a precise match built to the specifications of multiple Jobox MFG models.

Quality That Counts

Produced under stringent quality checks, our replacement casters uphold the highest industrial standards. They're constructed for the ultimate durability and usability. Take your toolbox on the go, from rough construction sites to plush office floors, and expect a smooth ride every time.

Versatile Use Cases

Ideal for both tool chests and tool cabinets, these casters provide you with the mobility you need. Execute any task, reach any corner; your toolbox will be right there with you.

Why Choose CasterHQ

Our brand promise is to deliver nothing short of excellence. A purchase from CasterHQ isn’t just a transaction; it’s an investment in unparalleled quality and service. Trust us to make your Jobox tool box better than ever.

Need Mounting Hardware? Click Here for Top-Grade Mounting Hardware for your 4" x 4-1/2" Mounting Plate.



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The Ultimate Replacements for Jobox Tool Boxes

Your Search Ends Here: CasterHQ's JOBOX JOBSITE™ Generic Replacement Caster Sets

Elevate the mobility of your job box tool boxes, tool chests, and tool cabinets with our premium caster sets. Designed for perfect compatibility with MFG Nos. including 1-681990, 1-658990, and more!

Experience unbeatable durability and performance with these caster sets. Ideal for tool chests and tool cabinets as well as job box tool boxes. Make your toolbox more mobile and versatile today!