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W/ DuraGlide Polyurethane Wheels

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Hamilton Spring Loaded | AEZFHS Casters with DuraGlide Polyurethane Wheels

Revolutionary DuraGlide Wheel Technology | Optimized for Heavy-Duty Aerospace Applications

Leading the Way in Aerospace Caster Technology

Experience unparalleled performance with the Hamilton Spring Loaded AEZFHS Casters. Equipped with state-of-the-art DuraGlide Polyurethane Wheels, these casters promise enhanced durability and smooth operations for your aerospace equipment. Crafted meticulously for the demanding environment of aerospace, our casters stand as the epitome of engineering excellence.

Why Choose Hamilton's AEZFHS Casters?

Being a frontrunner in the caster industry, Hamilton's AEZFHS series combines the best of craftsmanship and innovative technology. From minimizing maintenance downtime to offering longevity, our DuraGlide polyurethane wheels ensure your operations remain uninterrupted. Trust in Hamilton – pioneering advancements in caster technology for the aerospace sector.

Unparalleled Support and Expertise from Hamilton

Contemplating integrating the AEZFHS casters into your aerospace assembly? Our team of Caster Specialists is ready to assist. For unmatched caster insights and recommendations tailored for your operations, connect with Hamilton's experts weekdays from 8 am - 5 pm.



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W/ DuraGlide Polyurethane Wheels