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3 Inch

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3 Inch Total Locking Plate Casters with White Nylon Wheels

This category shows our 3" (Three Inch) light to medium duty total lock casters with the 2-3/8" x 3-5/8" overall top plate size combined with our high-quality one-piece design solid White Nylon Wheels. The White Nylon wheels are highly resistant to chemicals, solvents, oils, and wash-down applications. These wheels are commonly seen in many pharmaceutical labs, clean rooms, autoclaves, and other harsh environments, as well as clean room environments. Still, these wheels can be used for almost any application and industry. The special one-piece design wheel will not flat spot and is a durable caster wheel that will outlast many other wheels on the market. The solid one-piece nylon wheel eliminates the potential of delamination commonly seen on caster wheels with a two-piece tread and hub design. The total locking brake caster works by simultaneously locking the swivel raceway and the wheel with the push of one pedal. Our total lock brakes come with a metal pedal, as seen in the photos, and are much higher quality than many total locking brakes in the industry. The caster fork has a double ball raceway to stand up to more abusive applications, full dust caps to protect the bearings from debris, heavy-duty gauge cold rolled steel, and a zinc plating finish for additional rust and corrosion resistance.


3" X 1.25" Thermo Plastic Rubber Caster Set of 4 - 2 Swivel & 2 Rigid Casters - 900 lbs Capacity Per Set



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