Wire Shelving Casters and Wire Shelving Wheels

Wire Shelving Wheels Applications

Caster Headquarters Wire Shelving Casters are a universal O.E. Replacement Shelving Caster that fits into Metro Wire Shelving Units, Eagle Wire Shelving, and most Metal Wire Shelving Racks tubing. Our Wire Shelving Wheels are a high-quality chemical resistant non-marking polyurethane tread on a polyolefin core. To install on these casters on metal shelving simply pop out the plastic insert that is in the bottom of your shelving legs and insert these shelving casters until the wire shelving legs sit flush onto the casters raceway.

If you are looking for wire rack wheels only we carry those replacements as well. You can upgrade your static wire racks with our high-quality casters or replace your old Wire Shelving Casters with a high-quality Replacement from Caster Headquarters. CasterHQ's wire shelving casters come with the highest quality polyurethane wheels on the market. Benefits of polyurethane material offer high resistance to grease, oils, and acids up to 10% acidity, excellent roll-ability and ergonomics, great floor protection, moderate to quiet noise levels.
Set includes 4 Swivel casters with Top Lock Brakes!

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Metro Shelving Caster Set Metro Shelving Caster Set, Thermo Rubber 5"X1-1/4" Wheel, Grip Ring Stem


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Example Photo: Casters for Wire Shelving

wire shelving casters and wheels from CasterHQ

How To Remove and Install Wire Shelving Wheels

To install these casters on a metal or wire rack with no casters simple press these casters into the legs with moderate force until the stem no longer shows and the casters sit flush. To remove simply lay down the wire rack and pull the wire rack casters out of the legs with moderate force. Our wire rack casters should install and remove by hand. No tools are normally needed. You can always change the wheels if you don't need to buy complete casters as well.

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to visit our web page to purchase the wheels separately. To remove the old wheels from your casters you will need a 9/16" ratchet to remove the 3/8" axle bolt. After you remove the axle simply replace wheel and re-install axle. Lock nuts are provided with the casters when you buy them from us so you will need to reinstall using our special lock nuts to make sure the axle stays in place.